The Intelligence Revolution

When I was fifteen, I was told that, “My generation had not seen History.” because we had grow up in period of peace and prosperity that ended 09/11/2001. I don’t that teacher was correct but I don’t think that any current teacher would claim that a 15 year old had not seen a major Historical event. Wars, Extinctions and other catastrophes seem to be happening with an exponentially increasing frequency. I pray that the frequency is actually increasing logarithmically but I don’t perceive any sort of slowing down. Will humanity survive? the biggest argument for putting humans on Mars in 2025 is that it doubles our chances for long term survival and in my book that is worth every expense.
Intelligence revolution
In the shorter term, a lot of people are talking about wealth distribution and robotics/AI causing unemployment. I see a lot of validity in these concerns but I feel that my personal job is very safe. I work closely with robots all day long. At Boston Scientific I provide the robots with sensory validation and alert technicians when the robot needs adjustment but at Pintstein I get to program and recalibrate the robots myself. I think it will be a decade or more before my sensory validation tasks are made irrelevant. And it will be much longer than that before my skills at programming and recalibrating robots is made redundant by robots.


Bringing this back to will humanity survive? I think the answer is yes. The wealthy will survive. A new oligarchy is about to replace democracy but it will look similar to oligarchies and monarchy of medieval times. I am not saying this is what should happen. I am saying it is what is going to happen unless I invent a game changer.

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