The Ring


“I don’t want a 3D printed wedding ring!”

“Just wait until you see it and then you can turn it down.”


The love of my life dislikes my 3D printers and my attitude that I can make nearly anything with my printers. But Maria changed her mind about a “3D printed” wedding ring when she saw my “sketches” of the engagement ring that I was going to make her. I spoke with several businesses about how to manufacture my concept of a ring with the center diamond held in a castle. Buschosky Jewelers was the most helpful and they were able to sell me a showpiece with the understanding that I was returning it for a custom made piece. Maria thought the showpiece ring that I proposed with was perfect and she was even more delighted to hear that my “sketch” of a Hogwarts-Disney hybrid castle was going to be made by professionals.


3D printing is also frequently called rapid prototyping. Because printers are now cheap, each designer can have a printer on their desk and just churn out prototypes of the latest iteration of their design. The 3D printer can save time by allowing the designer to play with the prototype and understand it in a way that he could not understand it on a computer. The final design was produced by Sauli Buschosky with a software that I don’t own because it costs more than a thousand dollars but I was able to give him 3D prints of my concept that helped me transfer my creative vision in much the same way that most artists use 2D sketches to transfer creative vision.


The Polished Ring
The Polished Ring
3D printed wax ring (SLA)
3D printed wax ring (SLA)
Raw Casting of White Gold
Raw Casting of White Gold

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