A Very Hack Factory Christmas

Scan 11Well, I am still not as good at fixing and recalibrating 3d printers as I would like to be but nothing worth doing is easy. I do at least have a functional prototype of the educational toy that motivated me to found a business (you can only see it in private meetings). Starting Pintstein LLC has taken up a lot of time and money so when I was making my Christmas list this year I tried to think of people that I could make presents for in order to conserve money.


The Hack Factory runs their laser cutter calendar on a Raspberry Pi and the case for the thing is appropriately, laser cut.

2013-07-07_07.47.17_preview_featuredMy Father also happens to run a website off of a Raspberry Pi and his Pi has just been dangling from the wires plugged into it. So, cutting out a version of this thingiverse file got added to my christmas to-do-list. I got some 1/8 inch Baltic Birch from Young Blood Lumber and cut him out a couple of Raspberry Pi cases because it is good to have spares.

My Brother is an architect so this bizarre sculpture/puzzle seemed like a good gift. IMG_2432I tried to assemble it without complete success. IMG_2434My failed attempts to solve the puzzle just made it all the more fun to watch my Brother put the puzzle together in under an hour.

I am still trying to figure out the best way to turn this image of my soon to be Sister-in-law’s cat


into a laser cutting design. But when I finish it will be a gift to Jacki, my Brother’s Fiancee.IMG_2355


The Love of my Life, Maria Hull will eventually receive a “surprisingly swishy Maple wand with phoenix feather core” 

 I had never used a lathe before undertaking this project and I am quite satisfied with my success. I finished hand carving the design from Ginny Weasleys wand into the handle. Now I just need to put some stain on the wand.


I got to show off my printrbot simple maker to my family and help my Cousin design 3d printable key chains and coins for her startup, the Core Clothing Company.


I even brought some 3d printed and laser cut objects to the white elephant party my friend Micheal Anderson hosted.

White Elephant

Aaron Sinner took home the laser cut Mayan calendar and has collected on his IOU by requesting a sign for his apartment door. 

 The joy of the technologies that I have been delving into is that they make customizable gifts easier. If you really want something that you can’t find in the store, do a quick search of Thingiverse, see what kind of free designs are already available, Then go to my website and ask me for a quote on making the design.

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