you can do anything

More is possible than you think is possible. Watch this video if you don’t believe me. 

Google is devoted to cataloging all the world’s knowledge. Pintstein is devoted to increasing the total creativity in the heart of humanity. Children and youths are the most creative members of human societies so Pintstein is going to allocate more energy and time into making children and youths believe that they can do anything.  Pintstein is here for everyone but I have to focus on starting somewhere.  I know schools so I am going to focus on bringing rapid prototyping to schools. Upcoming events.

Getting started with 3d printing a large, user friendly database of .stl files. Nature doesn’t reinvent ‘the wheel’ very often, why should 3d modelers? a free 3d scanning app. It’s got plenty of glitches but if you need to make a physical object into a .stl file check it out. – free animation software with comprehensive 3d modeling capabilities. – kind of free 3d modeling software that plays nice with google earth. The 3d printing company with the largest variety of printers that I know of. A great way to find a 3d printing company near you! and now a 15% discount for schools a students! – the best price comparison of 3d printers that I have found. It’s a little out of date so please share a better price comparison link if you know of one. – Another price comparison of 3d printer models that has a lot more information but is not presented in as user-friendly a manner -a comprehensive store with the specialized equipment you need to build a 3d printer from scratch.

The future of 3d printing.


that weird liquid robot from The Terminator

3d printed food (I am not sold on the utility of the Foodini)

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