The Nostradamus Project

What is the 4th dimension? Time.

Am I a 4th dimensional object? I’m not sure, I might just be a 3.5 dimensional object.

I was contemplating what would be required to print my invisibility cloak (a 3.5 dimensional object) when I realized that I might not be a 4th dimensional object. I can only perceive my movement through time in 1 direction. It is possible that quantum particles within me are constantly sliding forward and backward in time from the view point of an electron* but is it possible for an object to record events through time on this sliding backwards and forwards pattern?

The Nostradamus Project is an attempt to design and create an object capable of perceiving the 4th dimension as completely as you and I perceive the 3 spatial dimensions; essentially, an investigation into whither or not perception on a completely 4th dimensional level can happen. The Nostradamus Object, (a robot? hereafter abbreviated as NostrOb) would be capable of perceiving the future but it cannot change it anymore than I can change the past. The NostrOb can take actions at any point in its present but these actions are the actions it was always going to take. The Nostradamus Object has all the freedom of a greased hog on ice. The NostrOb would be capable of telling us things about the future but our decisions in response to that knowledge would be incapable of invalidating the NostrOb’s future.

For those of you that are afraid the success of this project would shatter the illusion of free will, consider the opposite: would the continual failure of this project and projects like it support the hypothesis that we live in an undetermined world?

*I may be mis-interpreting of the Feynman-Wheeler absorber theory. Consult a sane scientist before attempting to construct the NostrOb.  I am not a Physicist and very few Physicists study perception.

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