What’s with the name

My brother is 7 years older than I am.  As a child, I loved to follow him around.  Some of his friends took to calling me Pintstein because I was a prospective know-it-all even at an early age.  The name came back to me when I was trying to think of what to call the mad scientist toy company that I was designing. A Pintstein is a child or child-at-heart who wants to do great things, so basically every human.
I have taught as a substitute in every grade level.  I payed my way through graduate school by running the lab component of undergraduate courses.  My experience leads me to believe that one of the reasons our education system is broken is that every child is forced to learn the same things.  Much more learning gets done when children see a class as an earned privilege.  A toy company has the ability to make edutainment devices that children can chose to purchase or not.  The act of making a purchase makes people see the toy and education it provides as a privilidge.  I design my toys to be easy to interact with but have the potential to expand a child’s world by making complex ideas easy to hold in your hand and play with.  The BearCam is a silly little project.  I have huge ambitions. Maybe the response to this silly website will give me the confidence to quit my day job and grow an ambitious silly toy company.

How can I invest?
I am currently developing products with minimal financial investment.  My goal is to have a first edition product release in July.  Helping me generate revenue in July will give me confidence to quit my day job and invest in growing my company faster.

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