Isn’t this Bad for the Camera?

Yes. I broke my camera after two days of footage.  GoPros are very durable but this is an even more abusive activity.  There was no visible damage to the camera.  While in the field, all I knew was that it stopped holding charge.  Since I got home I learned…
  • Putting a good battery in allows the GoPro Hero 3 to turn on.
  • The original battery can be charged and it holds charge
  • The LCD screen area gets hot but the LCD screen can display normal information.
  • The second you ask the camera to record it powers down.
I’ll update this when I figure out what it takes to resurrect my GoPro Hero3
4/13/15 Update: my new hypothesis is that my GoPro suffered Thermal damage from operating in an air tight case for hours on end and did not suffer physical damage from being beaten repeatedly inside of a protective bear head.  The video ends both times with the camera just turning off.  IE not turning off because it got hit.
6/9/15 -I have not put in the time to fixing my GoPro but I will be done with my job in a pacemaker factory june 12th so maybe I’ll get around to resurrecting my GoPro in August.   My web presence is abysmal right now but my new website has no information about project BearCam on purpose.  the URL for project BearCam is

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